Ashraf Sheta for Consultancy and Training is aiming to provide its customers with complete solutions, which can enhance performance. Our approach is comprehensive, it is mainly built on the fact that all of The Consultancy and Training activities should be aligned; to create sound outcomes for the customers' served.


About us

We are privately held company working in the fields of Consultancy and Training. Our scope of work includes five main strategic areas: Entrepreneurship, Corporate, Innovation, Small and medium Enterprise, and Family Business. These areas were chosen carefully to cover the corporate journey from the embryonic till the maturity stage. We are proud of our diversified team who possess both practical, and academic background. This helped our organization to attain a core competence manifested in its ability to design, and implement customized programs for our customers. As well as the fact that all of our programs are mainly concerned about practical outcomes, which can create value for our customers on both the short, and long term run.

Our Pledge

Our pledge is customer centric, and it encompasses the

Providing our customers with one stop shop for consultancy, and training services which can help them to surpass the current challenges faced in our dynamic world.

Transferring knowledge to our customers about the latest trends in management.

Develop the skills of our customers by using innovative tools which can enhance their learning.

Helping the customers to sustain a positive attitude in the workplace, through rigorous mentoring.

Value Proposition

Our value proposition encompasses diversified
dimensions including:

  • Offering customized training and consultancy services.
  • Hands on experience through having a strong team of experts who possess both practical, and academic expertise.
  • Possessing knowledge in different untapped areas in the market.
  • Flexibility in choosing the media of communicating our services.
  • Providing complete solutions for organizations seeking Training, Consultancy and Coaching.

Our Framework

Training (Customized Knowledge)

Exercises (Behavior)




Return On Investment
From Training,
Consultancy, And
Coaching Activity

Consultancy Services

Our consultancy services address the main pillars of the economy, taking into consideration the particularity the organizations’ served.

Training Services

Our objective is to provide a complete integrative solution for our customers. Accordingly, we designed comprehensive training programs where the customer can choose whether to complete the whole program, or to take one of the trainings enlisted within the program.The company can provide one/several trainings upon demand.

The family business program
The company/organization program
The innovation program
SMEs development program
The Entrepreneurship program
Public sector program

The Prof

The Prof is a micro consultancy service provided to our clients who seek guidance for their startup, and medium-size companies. The philosophy of the service is to cater to the needs of the bootstrappers who are looking for a diagnosis for the challenges they face, throughout their company’s development. The service is provided through a maximum of two hours sessions, where our experts can provide some broad guidelines for the company; to solve a problem or realize an existing opportunity.

the prof image

Our Team

Dr. Ashraf Sheta

CEO and Founder Entrepreneurship, Innovation, Strategy and Family Business Senior Expert

Ingi Farid

Human Resources Senior Expert

Dr. Mona Ali

Operations Management Senior Expert

Dr. Nesma Ammar

Marketing Senior Expert

Dr. Neveen Ahmed

Finance Senior Expert

Dr. Rasha Waheib

Marketing Senior Expert

Dr. Raghda El Ebrashi

Strategy Senior Expert

Mohamed Orfally

Digital Transformation Senior Expert

Dr. Ahmed Adel

Finance Senior Expert


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