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Dr. Mona Ali Ali

Mona Ali Ali is an assistant professor of Operations Management at the University of Prince Edward Island in Cairo and an interested researcher in Manufacturing and service systems.
She graduated with a BSc. in Mechanical Engineering and an MBA in Operations and Finance.
Mona uses novel approaches to assess behavioural and non-behavioural factors leading to sustainability of organizations. She studies and teaches different models and tools to ensure smooth operations in both manufacturing and service organisations.
Her focus is to improve productivity output of complex systems by simplifying and optimizing organizational structures, processes and overall ways of working.
Quality obsessed, Mona assists all levels of management to increase their operational excellence while decreasing operational expenditure, optimising time to market and streamlining internal end-to-end procedures.
Her holistic approach covers all aspects of the operational process lifecycle and includes such diverse aspects as procurement, supply chain, engineering, manufacturing and (pre/after) sales activities.
By putting operations firm inside the strategic approach of an organisation’s mission, Mona aims for all organisational stakeholders to have sustainable customer satisfaction assurance as the guiding principle of all their professional activities.
Mona’s extensive international exposure ensures that adaptation of the most recent global insights in Operations Management will directly benefit the financial and operational sustainability of organisations, cities and countries.